Friday, 27 March 2015


Gurara is a Local Government Area in Niger State, Nigeria, adjoining the Federal Capital Territory. Its headquarters are in the town of Gawu. Majority of the residents are Gwari people
 So, I was on my way to Abuja a couple of months back when I discovered this lovely location I didn't bother to think twice before including it in my must visit pad. After few weeks I was able to create time to visit with my crew/friends. The gate fee is just N500 per head. There were lots of people present. So if you want to visit ensure you pack some food/snacks, water, drinks etc.
I bet you to have loads of fun because I did!
I felt the beauty of nature as soon as I set my foot on the rock.  The atmosphere was clean, moist and serene.  The crashing of the waves was highly romantic and it made me feel at home.
This spot is a must visit if you are a lover of fun!


opoola ahmed said...

Cool post

Kayode A said...

To think I have been living in Abuja for years and I ve never visited this waterfall? We Nigerians surrly don't know how to appreciate what we've got! Our government shld promote sites like this as tourist sites too. Thanks blogger

Chuks Stef said...

I hope to visit there soon. Thank you for the inspiration

Olisa Mbanefo said...

Nice pics! You write good. I think ur blog is going to be my new high.

Olufemi Oladiji said...

Would cling to any opportunity of seeing this amazing piece of nature, heard about it since my childhood days anyways