Thursday, 29 December 2016


A lot of Ibadan people must be familiar with this spot already. Ventura mall is located within the heart of Ibadan, Samonda to be precise. It is just shortly after the University of Ibadan as if you are headed towards Sango, look towards your left when driving from U.I and there you are! in front of the colorful building.
In the Ventura you can watch all kinds of recent movies. The name of the cinema is called Film
House. A lot of people have been mistaken this for Silverbird Cinema. There is no Silverbird Cinema in Ibadan yet. There are other Cinemas in Ibadan apart from this and they are in Dugbe(Heritage Mall) and Oluyole (Viva Cinema- located inside the Palms Shopping Mall). We saw The Wedding Party and Assassin Creed the day we visited and it was dope! If you haven't seen any of them, you are definitely missing out. In the Ventura is a Lounge (Latitude), Chinese Restaurant, Tutti Frutti, games for adults and children like bowling, shooting, bike race, etc. There are so many boutiques, make up studios, hair salons, etc. There are also two functioning ATM points available in case you don't want to use your card to purchase. If you want to take nice pictures, photographers are there waiting to give you  nice shots different from what your phone camera will give you. 
In case you are bored and you find yourself in Ibadan, don't hesitate to locate your way to this fun filled spot.
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