Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Are you feeling stressed, unnecessarily grumpy, moody or sad? A reinvogating HIKE could be just what you need. Hiking is good for body and mind because it helps control your weight, boost your mood, lowers your risk of heart disease, improves your blood pressure and blood sugar level, strengthen your muscle, etc.

A couple of days back, Femi and friends gave FUN a bold definition which is very rare in this
part of the Country. They went on a hike from Wuye to Abuja City Gate Rock which lasted about 45mins. Access to the rock climbing is totally free and the rock on the right side is the most friendly one to climb.
Abuja is known to be the capital city of Nigeria. The City is located in the centre of Nigeria. It is also known as the Ruler City. In Abuja, there are so many adventurous places to visit which includes the Abuja City Gate Rock. I am sure a lot of people just drive through this site without thinking of visiting(You don't know what you got
 Before you go hiking, it is important you check the weather, pack essential items like UV blocking sun glasses, hat, first aid supplies, water, chocolate(I personally can't go on such without a pack of chewing gum or, hand sanitizer, small towel and toilet paper. The best time to go hiking in Nigeria is in the morning before sunrise and oh... you don't want to do this during raining season:-) Most importantly dress light and ensure to wear gripping sneakers or boot.
Do you need motivation to participate in a group adventure of this type, feel free to contact they just relocated to Nigeria from UK and are known for  taking care of group tour, visa processing, business and incentive travel globally,etc.
Meanwhile, have you discovered any nice place (Buka, Club,Restaurant,Country,Spot,etc) of recent? Feel free to share with us on for onward publishing so that others can visit just as Femi has shared with us.

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