Thursday, 18 August 2016


Badagry also known as Badagri is a coastal town and local government area in the suburb of Lagos State, Nigeria.  It is situated between the city of Lagos and the border with Republic of  Benin at Seme.  This town plays a major role in the history of the contact between America, Europe and Nigeria.  It was a major slave outpost and market during the centuries of slave trade.  Now Badagry is a thriving tourism site that attracts people of African descent from all over the world who wants to experience history of the slave trade.
There are different portraits  of captured slaves including the castrated ones with chains tied around their necks, hands and legs, etc all indicating the torture slaves went through back then. Various chains for different purposes. If you are very emotional, it may not be a nice place for you to visit but if you love adventure and history, then it is a must visit!. History gives insight on what occurred in the past and keeps you well informed.

You can appoint a Tour Guide who will walk you round both within and outside the museum. Places he/she will take you to may include a place called Point of No Return where middlemen waited for ferry to convey the slaves to their final buyers in Europe and the American will further transport them to other parts of the world by ship. The Brazilian Slave Baracoon, Royal Palace of the king of badagry, you  can go on boat ride across the lagoon, visit the slave market and shrine, first story building in Nigeria, etc. While on the tour you will be briefed on how the slave trade all started with blacks(normal Africans skilled in weaving, blacksmiths,hunters, poets, sculptors, etc) being exported to Europe by Portugaland, Spain, Netherlands, Britain, etc
The pictures obviously are not clear enough but this is just to give you all an insight of what Badagry Slave Trade looks like and what to expect when you visit.
Kemo as she is fondly called visited this historical place with her friends due to their thirst for history and adventure and she has decided to share her experience there with us.
What are you waiting for?  Are you in Nigeria and never been here before? You should definitely plan a visit.
Have you been to any place of adventure of recent? Either nice hangout spots, beach, parks, lounge, buka, mouth watering eatery, feel free to share with us your wonderful experience in short text and few pictures so we could publish here for others to visit. Our email id remains


Olufemi Oladiji said...

Ancient site indeed!I'm so glad places that speak of the travails of our forefathers still exist in Nigeria!I'd hope to visit someday Nice piece! Kudos!

Adewoyin Esther said...

Thanks Olufemi