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Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece.  It is known to be the centre for Arts, Learning and Philosophy.  Athens is the home to Plato's Academy as well as Aristotles Academy(You must have learnt this in Philosphy and Logic Class- It reminded me of Dr. Amodu of LCU:-).
The City itself is a world centre of logical research. It is dominated by 5th century BC landmarks,one of such is the Acropolis. The Acropolis of Athens is an ancient citadel located on an extremely rocky outcrop above the city of Athens and contains the remains of several ancient buildings of  great architectural and historic significance.
The Acropolis is opened between the hours of 8am and 8pm but it is best you visit in the morning, if
possible at 8am precisely so you can finish your sight seeing within an hour before it gets really busy and sunny.  It is best you subscribe to a travel package, that way it is more economical and your Tour Guide will give you a full history of events that took place in each of the places you are being taken to. Also, you will be able to interact with other Nationals - who knows, you may meet your life partner among them(lol). We engaged the service of Atlantis Travel and their address is a token of 100.00Euro was paid at the time of visit. Our Tour Guide was very patient and wonderful. She took her time translating to various other languages for the sake of those who were not from the English speaking Country.
The Acropolis Hill also known as Sacred Rock of Athens is the most important site of the city. The rocks can get very slippery, so ensure to wear the most comfortable sneakers you own. Also note that it is a very busy place, so busy that you may not be able to take pictures without other people appearing in it. 
Ensure to have a big bottle of water with you as well because you will definitely need it.
It is not really advisable to visit the Acropolis with children or aged that are not so strong because you are going to be doing a lot of walking. I will recommend you visit between September and April.
The rest room is very neat but the only challenge you may have is to join a long queue. Yes! there will always be a queue because tons of people out there are adventurious!. It may sound a little bit off but we are giving this info so you may encounter only  little surprise(s). So please take note of this.

An epistle will only bore you. When you visit, you will VALUE history. As earlier mentioned, it's best you appoint a Tour Guide. They will explain to you what the Parthenon Temple is about, when it was built, who it was built to honor, and many other interesting stories.
To read books on history is different from having a first hand experience visiting the main sites where events took place. Asides adventure, we definitely had so much to learn and gain from this trip. So, are you saving up for vacation and dont know where to go? You can consider visiting Athens, it's a very lovely City to visit. The Night life is wow!, their English meal is so healthy and so much more.
Pictures here has not done much justice to this beautiful site. We are still saving up for a very good camera(lol). We promise to improve on that soon.
Meanwhile, have you visited any place of adventure of recent? - Nice hangout spots, beach, parks, lounge, etc, feel free to share with us your wonderful experience in short text and few pictures so we could publish here for others to visit.  The email id remains


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Awesome!!! Next time you are going take me along with thee

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Yea, you can start packing your bags coz we are getting ready for another:-)


Wow...Great one Esther....
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Always fascinating, you sure know how to get us asking for more. Thumbs up babe!

Kayode A said...

Thank u for this write up. I have been to places for holiday & "adventure" as u called it but never thought about Athens. Athens always seem like a myth to me, thank u for busting that myth for me, Athens is surely one of my holiday destination now. Big up Estheradewoyin

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Caleb,MMMAmp and Olufemi Thanks a bunch. Your feedback is very encouraging.

Adewoyin Esther said...

Kayode A, wow! thats so cool. Whenever you visit,don't forget to share your experience with us. You will definitely have a great time there.